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One of the most negative points of my trip include the “businessmen” who stand at street corners waiting to prey on tourists and passerby’s. “Come to my club”, “Going shopping?”, “Hey ladies/fellas” are a few of the phrases I’ve heard out of their mouths. Quite frankly, it aggravated me the way they invaded my personal space the moment I made eye contact. Which is why I made a point not to let them know I acknowledge their existence. Regardless, they approached me anyway. The other night, one guy was less than an arm’s length away from me trying to find out where I was going. It was irritating, but I got a sense of satisfaction by denying his existence. It’s weird how there are signs every few feet in Roppongi telling people that it’s illegal for them to do what they do, but it’s not enforced, even by the cops I see walking down the street.