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Tokyo was probably the cleanest city I’ve ever seen. It was impressive how clean the Japanese are. When we first arrived in Tokyo, I saw not one piece of litter on the ground. It’s so impressive because it is EXTREMELY difficult to find a trash can in public in Japan. They usually keep them by vending machines and even then those are usually recycling bins, not trash cans. The reason for this, according to Dr. C, is because the Japanese consume their food and drink on the spot. What’s surprising about this is it always seems to me that Japanese people are in a rush, on their way to work or school. So when do they find time to stop and eat and drink something? Either way I find it great that they are so clean. That’s not to say it was completely clean. There were some districts that were dirty with litter on the ground. I saw even more trash in Osaka.

Somtimes it did get frustrating not being able to throw away trash, but overall it wasn’t too bothersome. Not a day went by when one of us asked “do you see a trash can anywhere?”