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Today, we traveled to two districts. The first was Harajuku, known for the “different” style of clothing that can be seen there. I wasn’t able to get as many pictures as I wanted to because it was raining there, but I still enjoyed it. First, there was a band recording/performing on the first floor in a studio. I liked their singing. Next, we went to a KDDI store and viewed their selection of mobile phones. I didn’t really take a deep look at the phones because the interfaces were, of course, in Japanese and I didn’t feel like examining them to figure out which feature did what. On third floor were several interesting technologies, two of which caught me eye.


The first was a tiny robot-like machine that actually functioned as a speaker. I don’t know the specifics behind it but it was interesting to watch and enjoyable to hear “Beat It” by Michael Jackson coming from it. The second technology, FEELINK,  was a room with two chairs that monitored the heartbeat of the people sitting in them. The people sitting in the chairs (the players) played a “game” in which the chair vibrated in sync with the opposite player’s heartbeat. The player had to press the button at the same time as the vibration. The purpose was to test relationship compatibility of the two players. Results included Twins, A newly married couple, Lovers, Best Friends, Parent and Child, Acquaintances, Others, Strangers, Rivals, and Earth People ↔ Space Alien. We were encouraged not to take the results seriously. My results included Best Friends (w/ Kevin). Other results included Parent and Child (Meri & Jared), and Lovers (Sharnise & Bryce). I thought it was a fun game to play and it was interesting how it could monitor your heart rate through your finger. Afterward, I won a free post card at a slot machine on the computer on the first floor.

Afterward I went to this clothing store that had all kinds of clothes. I like the style of the majority of the clothes and picked up two shirts. I would have bought more but clothes in Japan run really small and it was a miracle I found XL’s in those shirts. Too bad, they had alot of nice clothes.