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FutureScope¬† is a well known company that provides multiple services for mobile phones, with expectations of 110 Million subscribers in 2010. One of their services include a Mobile Phone novel service in which a user writes a novel using their mobile phone and publishes that novel to a website. Successful novels sometimes become movies. Another service is Shimeji, a mobile email service in which the user takes a picture using their mobile phone and the picture is automatically generated through email. FutureScope’s parent company, FieldsMobile, offers mobile content such as wallpapers and game apps. They are also the official partner of Dreamworks and therefore offers official Dreamworks mobile content.

My favorite part of the presentation was when the President of Lucent Pictures presented. He demonstrated Lucent Pictures’ 3D technology by showing images of popular manga in 3D. He also gave us a preview of the remaking anime and manga in 3D. The presentation got me thinking about a career in 3D design.

At the end of the presentation, the CEO of FS passed out free gifts and made us compete for other gifts by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. I lost in the first round of every game.