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On our first full day in Japan, we visited D3 Publishing, a sub-company of NAMCO BANDAI Games that publishes videogames. The games previewed in the presentation are somewhat dating simulation games aimed at the Otaku (geek) culture. The games in question are the Dream C Club series aimed at guys, and the Vitamin Series aimed at girls. In addition to these two series, D3 Publisher also dabbles in the mobile game market, offering their Simple 100 Series games for a monthly fee of 100 Yen, which gives you access to 250 casual, as well as their Simple DX Series games for 100-500 Yen per title. Their games are released for carries such as NTT Docomo, KDDI, and Softbank. D3 Publisher also makes online games such as Earth Defense Force Mobile, which is in high-end 3D and features gameplay similar to that on the XBOX 360.

The most interesting part of the presentation was the real-time commenting system implemented on their website. Users with accounts can post comments on game trailers and the comments will appear in real time over the video, scrolling quickly from right to left. As for the Otaku culture, I could never get into it. Otaku type games are pointless to me and I don’t see how anyone gets any pleasure out of them.