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The epitome of evil....J/K!!

Nara is famous for all of the deer wandering around. If I’m not mistaken, Nara means deer in Japanese. It was interesting to see the deer wandering around freely with no fences, cages, or gates to constrain them. One thing that was NOT interesting was the fact that they use the bathroom at a whim – anywhere. The grass, the sidewalk, 3 inches in front of you – the world is their toilet and they don’t care. Big shout out to Po-Chin for preventing what could have been the worst part of the trip. I had just got done petting a deer and began to move on when he yelled “Rob watch out!” and pointed down. I was able to avoid it mid-step. This event right here made me look down the whole trip to the temple and so I missed the scenery around me. And of course the path to the temple was littered with deer who felt free to let loose and I had to watch my step until we got inside the temple.