Vending Machine Madness

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Assignment, Culture, Technology
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The vending machines in Japan were amazing. They were almost everywhere, unlike the U.S. They are smaller in size, but carry a wider variety of items. There were mainly drink vending machines where we went, but the other types of vending machines provided cigarrettes, food such as noodles, and some even provided ice cream. That’s right, I said cigarrettes. And there were also beer in some of them. This shows how lax the smoking and drinking age limits are in Japan. While in the U.S. its common to see a vending machine with snack foods in it, however, when I was there I didn’t see any vending machines there with food save for the previously mentioned ones. I heard you could get all kinds of things out of vending machines and that they were everywhere in Japan, yet that wasn’t the case.

Either way, the machines filled with drinks managed to get a great deal of my money while there since we were always on the go. They came with both cold AND hot drinks. I had a coffee drink that was still hot when I opened it. I also had a drink that was more like liquid mixed with jelly. It was delicious, but the texture made me not want to drink it. Either way, I hope to see these wierd vending machines I’ve heard about when I go back to Japan.

  1. stephjones says:

    I also enjoyed the vending machines. Although I thought it was weird that they had no snack vending machines. But the vending machines were very convenient because they were pretty much placed on every corner and all around the streets. It was weird to me how you could get different cigarette brands out of the vending machines but yet no snacks.

  2. jodarbs says:

    The vending machines in Japan made me jealous. I want the vending machine experience to be like that in the U.S. I think Americans are bigger consumers than Japanese, yet I feel like the Japanese are accommodated more often. This vending machines not only were place in very strategic places but they also sold a variety of different things from candy to pop to beer.

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