Me in a Penguin Mask

The second place we visited today was Akihabara, known as the electric city because of the large number of shops selling games, appliances, etc. It’s also known for being an Otaku haven. The first thing we did was go to a Maid Cafe. It was somewhat interesting, but not really my cup of tea. The waitresses were all dressed in French maid uniforms and were really upbeat in everything they did. I was surprised to see how popular maid cafes are. The cafe served a variety of food and drinks, at really high prices. I ordered some sort of drink w/ ice cream and whip cream on it. I, however, had to WAIT 45 MINUTES AFTER EVERYBODY GOT THERE STUFF TO GET MY DRINK, AND I HAD TO LET THE MAID KNOW ON TWO OCCASIONS THAT I DIDN’T GET MY DRINK YET!!!!!!!!!!……yes…that’s how I felt today. It was irritating. Everytime they brought a menu item to the table, they made us do a little chant with hand motions before eating or drinking. It seemed to vary depending on what you ordered. Taking pictures weren’t allowed in the cafe, but they charge to take a picture with them. Pvan ordered some spaghetti that was really good btw.

Solid Snake

Afterwards, we went through a few of the stores. There wasn’t really anything worth taking note of save for the penguin mask I found and the statue of Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. There was a gaming store filled with various old school games. I really wanted to buy them but they don’t work on American systems so of course I didn’t.

  1. botorow1 says:

    Are you still complaining about your drink Rob? You know you liked Akihabara and everything it represents… crazy penguin masks! By the way, the store with Solid Snake and all the old video games was called “Super Potato!” No, I did not make that up. Jared’s brother actually took us back to that store yesterday. Apparently it is the best store in Tokyo to find almost any cartridge game ever made. The only thing that could have made your trip better, is if you had found that Naruto headband. Bummer.

    • robcolejpn says:

      Well he did say blog about our experiences, and an experience is an experience good or bad 😛 But I agree, I did like Akihabara and wish I would have explored more. And yes, I did love the penguin mask. I also wish I could have found my Naruto Headband because I wanted an authentic one from Japan.

  2. mavichakp1 says:

    Actually if you notice the maid just made up those chant motion on the spot, you could sometime heard her mumbling “What should I do this time” in Japanese.
    Well Akihabara you could find lots of nice things though like that Cat Paw hands warmer I bought, but the problem is that there are too many shops and if you don’t know where to go you will saw only the same stuff over and over.

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